FSX Default Robinson R22 BetaII Damage Mod is ready and uploaded to Avsim Flightsim and Simviation.

Avsim Download Link
Flightsim Download Link
Simviation Download Link

 -Engine wear and Damage Simulation
 -Engine and Tailrotor Gearbox Oil use
 -Engine Oil condition (Affects Engine Wear)
 -Engine Oil Change (Every 25 Hours Like Real R22)
 -Engine Vibration in Virtual Cockpit (If Engine or Tailrotor are damaged, or you fly greater than 100 knots vibration will be greater then normal and you hear cockpit rattles sound effect)
 -Tailrotor Strikes if Tailrotor Gearbox Oil is low
 -Cyclic Vibration (if Engine is running)
 -Cockpit switches Sound Effects
 -Cockpit Instruments takes Dirt
 -Cockpit Instruments will Damage if you land the helicopter very hard!


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