I will show you some progress of my works.

This is an early WIP screenshot of the new Check Panel from C172

The video below i uploaded today at youtube shows you the new vibration effects for the default C-172, which i will integrate this effect on the default DC3 too.

Features i planned for both C-172 and the DC-3 are listed below:

Engine Wear/Damage simulation
Engine Oil use
Flight controls Wear/Damage
Landing Gear Wear/Damage (only DC-3)
Wheel Brake Wear/Damage
Propeller Wear/Damage simulation
Cockpit switches sounds
Dirt effect on gauges (only DC-3)
Crash effects on gauges (only DC-3)
New interface, both for c-172 and DC-3

Virtual Cockpit vibration and sound effects for c-172 and DC-3:
- Vibration on Start/Shutting down the Engine
- Engine vibration on ground
- Ground-roll vibration
- Touch down vibration
- Flaps in action at certain speed vibration
- Overspeed vibration
- Stall buffet vibration
- Turbulence vibration

I have tested the vibration effects with Accu-Feel and no problems found so far.


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