The FSX R22 Damage Mod is nearly done

Todo list:

-adding some effects
-calibration of xml gauges
-testing the heli

Added features:

-Engine wear and Damage Simulation
-Engine and Tailrotor Gearbox Oil use
-Engine Oil condition (Affects Engine Wear)
-Engine Oil Change (Every 25 Hours Like Real R22)
-Engine Vibration in Virtual Cockpit (If Engine or Tailrotor are damaged, vibration will be greater then normal)
-Tailrotor Strikes if Tailrotor Gearbox Oil is low
-Cyclic Vibration (if Engine is running)
-Cockpit switches Sound
-Cockpit Instruments takes Dirt
-Cockpit Instruments will Damage if you land the helicopter very hard!

And here is the latest screenshot of the R22 Check Panel:


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